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Unicorn Sheet Metal Laser Cutting

After singing the praises of some of our friends and web partners on our blog, Unicorn Sheet Metal have decided it is time to blow our own trumpet for once. The thing is, we’re are exceptionally good at what we do.

With a strong history in sheet metal fabrications,Unicorn embraced the digital revolution and was one of the first engineering workshops in the UK to invest in laser cuttting technology. Our first piece of kit was the Trumpf Trumatic 3030: a machine capable of precision engineering 0.5mm to 20mm metal sheet with a bed capacity of 3 metres x 1.5 metres. The Trumatic 3030 very quickly proved its worth, prompting Unicorn to move to bigger premises where we added its big sister, the Trumpf Trumatic 3050.

Unicorn would be the first to say that traditional sheet metal fabrication techniques, including guillotining, milling, grinding and tapping, will always have an important role to play, and at Unicorn Sheet Metal we continue to practise the old crafts in a modern context. All we would add is that precision sheet metal laser cutting brings certain advantages not available through other metal fabrication methods.

  • Laser cut materials are produced at a faster rate
  • Raw material costs are lower, especially when produced using computerised ‘nesting’ techniques
  • The quality of laser cut edging is higher leading to more efficient welding and finishing

Laser cutting techniques are applicable to a multitude of products in every industry. Recent projects include engine fan assemblies and engine carrier components for the automotive sector, armour plated vehicle parts, aluminium vents for shipping manufactures, machine parts for the textile industry, tool making components and signs and lettering for the retail industry.

For further information on how high precision laser metal cutting can help shape your business, give us a call at Unicorn Sheet Metal on 0191 262 2882.

Unicorn High Precision Laser Metal Cutting



Secure Garden Storage Options in Plastic, Metal & Timber

Garden Sheds, Workshops, Garages, Greenhouses, Storage Boxes & Garden Furniture


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A shed or outdoor building is an integral part of any garden, blending in perfectly and having a number of uses. From neat and tidy storage to providing a sheltered area to perform tasks or hobbies, these buildings come in a great choice of materials, specifications, sizes and shapes. Most people have their own preference when choosing a garden shed whether its wood, metal or plastic, and each outdoor building has its own unique advantages.

Plastic or UPVC sheds are a popular option as they are highly customisable, allowing you to add extra windows, skylights and shelving. Many, like the Lifetime 8×5 garden shed, can even be extended if the need for more space arises. Shed extension kits are an excellent way to grow your storage space and there is no limit to the amount of shed extensions you can use! Lifetime heavy duty plastic sheds offer exceptional quality, and feature high density polyethylene, reinforced with powder coated steel for strength and durability. Lifetime sheds also incorporate attributes such as HDPE stain resistant floors, small skylights between panels, special screened vents, and button catch opening door handles.

Heavy duty metal garden sheds are a first choice where security is an issue, and the Easykit heavy duty metal sheds tick all the boxes. These outdoor apex roof buildings, blend style with robust strength, they have a hot dipped galvanised steel core which is rot and rodent free and come with 15 year non perforation warranty. Easykit heavy duty sheds include non drip internal roof systems, skylights, vents and heavy duty foundation kits as standard.

If your inclined towards a timber shed, then there are heavy duty options including thick sturdy timber sheds, fitted with secure metal bars and slit windows to keep intruders out. A timber shed is also easily tailored to your liking and may be either treated, varnished or painted to blend seamlessly with its surroundings.

For safe secure storage of valuable items such as bikes, lawnmowers, electric tools, garden furniture and a host of other garden essentials, you cant do better than a heavy duty shed from SM Garden Sheds. A comprehensive range of garden storage is available for free delivery to most of mainland UK. Call SM Garden Sheds on 0845 601 6299


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