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A Fast, Precise & Cost Effective Sheet Metal Fabrication Process

High Performance Laser Cutting & Sheet Metal Fabrication Specialists, Tyne & Wear


At Unicorn Sheet Metal Works, we use high performance laser cutting technology, in an effort to deliver an exact specification, precision solution every time, whatever the application. This is why we opted for renowned TRUMPF laser cutting machines, which are market leaders in laser technology. TRUMPF, are a German family owned business who provide laser cutting equipment for a vast array of end users including manufacturers and medical establishments. Highly respected in the world of sheet metal fabrication machinery, their laser technology can perform a versatile range of functions such as, sheet metal punching, forming, laser processing and bending.

Laser cutting has revolutionised the production of metal components, and provided a highly cost effective process. Alternative, less precise, slower and more costly methods included milling, guillotining and machining. As a result of our technology and expertise, at Unicorn we complete all folding, bending and punching operations in-house, unlike most other laser cutting specialists. This allows us to give a high performance service and increased customer satisfaction.

Established for over 30 years, when it comes to sheet metal fabrication processing, you will have to go a long way to beat Unicorn Sheet Metal Works. We offer mig and tig welding of a range of metals including stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium. We have a 120 tonne Press Brake machine which can fold tube up to 3m x 6mm plate. Experts at engineering sheet metal fabrication for merchant and Royal Navy ships, aviation, automotive and oil rigs Unicorn are experienced with techniques involved in pipework, bracketing, insulation and ventilation ductwork for applications.

We are British Standard Coded Welders with a superior knowledge of automotive and offshore standard welding, and a number of successful projects under our belt.

For enquiries or advice on any aspect of laser cutting any metal please call 0191 262 2882.

Services Offered Include In-House Metal Bending, Folding, Punching and Fabrication of Wide Variety of Metals