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Waterjet gives Unicorn the Edge in Precision Engineering

Unicorn Sheet Metal Works Ltd continue to invest in the latest technology with the acquisition of the Swiss-engineered Bystronic Byjet Classic 4022 waterjet cutting system.

With two laser cutting machines and the full complement of traditional sheet metal manufacturing techniques at our disposal, the addition of a waterjet cutting unit gives us the full complement of tools to provide the most efficient, accurate and cost effective service to our customers.

With certain metals and materials, waterjet cutting gives a level of precision not available through over metal fabrication techniques. Waterjet cutting is ideal for shinier metals – including titanium, brass, copper and stainless steel – where the reflective surface can ‘bounce’ laser cutting away from the cutting line. High pressure waterjets (of up to 3,600 bar) are supplemented with sand, garnet or other abrasives to cut through sheet metal over 100mm thick. Waterjet cutting is so finely controllable it can be used for etching glass, cutting ceramics or slicing through armour plating.

The Bystronic Byjet Classic has a bed area of 4m.x 2m to accommodate larger metal sheet. It has two cutting heads and CAD programming to improve speed and efficiency.

Unicorn use waterjet cutting to create stainless steel parts for customers in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. We manufacture lightweight but strong aluminium and titanium components to high specifications for the aerospace industry. Waterjet and abrasive jet cutting techniques assist in the manufacture of hardox and armour plated parts for defence contractors, and in the supply of brass machine parts for the offshore oil and shipping industries.

By combining waterjet cutting with our experience in traditional sheet metal fabrication techniques – MIG & TIG welding, rolling, tubing, pressing, etc – we can usually create the finished product, as well as the parts and components needed by other manufacturers.

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Waterjet gives Unicorn the Edge in Precision Engineering