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Safe, Clean & Breathable Air in the Workplace

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It appears according to recent figures, that manufacturing within the UK is seeing a rise in growth, meaning good news for the local economy. Successful manufacturing depends on many things including knowledge of the market, being business savvy and having good management skills. Along with all of the other considerations, a major example of a responsible and reputable company, is one which considers its employees health and safety a priority. In most industrial settings there are stringent regulations and measures in place to protect workers. One of the most important aspects of health and safety, is air pollution within the work environment. Fumes and dust are particularly prevalent on the factory floor, and regular exposure to these hazards can carry negative consequences for the individual. Just about every type of factory or workshop, whether its within the manufacture of vehicles, household appliances or aircraft will produce some air pollution which could prove damaging to health or irritating to the body.

Wood waste dust, lead burning fumes, paint spray, weld fumes and gas appliance flue dilution are just some of the areas to be vigilant about, and factors and procedures should be in place to ensure that issues like this don’t become a problem. Of course while the prime concern is for employees health and safety, things like dust can also have a negative impact on machinery and other mechanical equipment. This may cause increased expense or even breakdown leading to production line disruption.

Our web promotion partners Newgate Air Systems Ltd are specialists in dust and fume extraction, offering an exceptionally customer focused service. They are expert consultants and can thoroughly test, assess and identify any extraction need, before recommending a bespoke solution for your factory floor, workshop or business premises. Using state of the art technology Newgate Air Systems Ltd, will design and install the ideal solution to provide clean, breathable air within the workplace. Customers are also assured that their premises will demonstrate full compliance with current Health & Safety legislation and guidance.

Newgate Air Systems Ltd, also stock a wide variety of high quality, competitively priced filters from the biggest names in the business, along with cartridges, cages, panel filters, inserts, gauges and control panels. Find out more or arrange a consultation on 0191 262 3015.

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