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A Cut Above

Laser Cutting, Waterjet Cutting, High Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication, Low Cost Steel Cutting


Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a laser cutter and a waterjet cutter? They both feature precision engineered technology and give excellent results.

Laser Cutting Machines

These are used in industry to cut parts from metal and are renowned for speed and pinpoint accuracy. Before the emergence of lasers, these cuts were made using a stamping press, which was slower and required separate tools for each type of cut. There was also a requirement to smooth off rough edges after the cut with this traditional method, adding to time and labour costs. The computer guided beam of the contemporary version, makes the action of a laser cutter extremely precise and allows it to cut just about any shape. State of the art laser cutters such as the high capacity Trumpf 3030, can cope with metal plate from 0.5mm to 20mm thick. Unicorn have two of these machines and additionally, a 3050 model, enabling the processing of even thicker metal.

Waterjet Cutters

These cutters allow metal to be cut using a high pressure, fine point of water! This effectively forces the water to perform like a laser, slicing through steel plate of varying thicknesses. When it comes to pressure used in waterjet cutters, consider that domestic water pressure is around 70 PSI, and compare this to the 60,000 PSI produced by a waterjet. This means water speeds of over 900mph, and when you factor in the addition of fine granules of carbide or other particulates you are left with uncompromising power. Our Swiss-engineered Bystronic ByJet Classic 4022 waterjet cutting system means we can provide precision engineering services like cutting of stainless steel, aluminium, titanium, copper, brass and glass.

waterAt Unicorn Sheet Metal Works Ltd, we offer a wide range of services including laser cutting, waterjet cutting and metal fabrication for engine fan assemblies, automotive engine carrier components, aluminium vents for shipping, armour plated vehicle parts, tool making components and signs and lettering for supermarket chains and other applications.

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