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A Cut Above

Laser Cutting, Waterjet Cutting, High Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication, Low Cost Steel Cutting


Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a laser cutter and a waterjet cutter? They both feature precision engineered technology and give excellent results.

Laser Cutting Machines

These are used in industry to cut parts from metal and are renowned for speed and pinpoint accuracy. Before the emergence of lasers, these cuts were made using a stamping press, which was slower and required separate tools for each type of cut. There was also a requirement to smooth off rough edges after the cut with this traditional method, adding to time and labour costs. The computer guided beam of the contemporary version, makes the action of a laser cutter extremely precise and allows it to cut just about any shape. State of the art laser cutters such as the high capacity Trumpf 3030, can cope with metal plate from 0.5mm to 20mm thick. Unicorn have two of these machines and additionally, a 3050 model, enabling the processing of even thicker metal.

Waterjet Cutters

These cutters allow metal to be cut using a high pressure, fine point of water! This effectively forces the water to perform like a laser, slicing through steel plate of varying thicknesses. When it comes to pressure used in waterjet cutters, consider that domestic water pressure is around 70 PSI, and compare this to the 60,000 PSI produced by a waterjet. This means water speeds of over 900mph, and when you factor in the addition of fine granules of carbide or other particulates you are left with uncompromising power. Our Swiss-engineered Bystronic ByJet Classic 4022 waterjet cutting system means we can provide precision engineering services like cutting of stainless steel, aluminium, titanium, copper, brass and glass.

waterAt Unicorn Sheet Metal Works Ltd, we offer a wide range of services including laser cutting, waterjet cutting and metal fabrication for engine fan assemblies, automotive engine carrier components, aluminium vents for shipping, armour plated vehicle parts, tool making components and signs and lettering for supermarket chains and other applications.

Laser Cut Components, Accurate Waterjet Cutting Accuracy, Component Production, Fast Turnaround, Less Scrappage

High Performance Dust Extraction Units New Website

Dust Collection & Extraction Units, Custom Dust Extractors, Fast Turnaround, Newcastle Upon Tyne

4 Cartridge Electronics(1)There can be no doubt as to the importance of dust extraction, especially within the industrial sector. Dust extraction is a crucial requirement within most industries to ensure health, safety and optimum performance. A safe and comfortable working environment is the result of aspects such as clean, breathable air. From the employers point of view too, a high quality dust extraction system demonstrates a responsible commitment to employees. There is also of course the fact that these systems prolong the life of any machinery or equipment and keep it running smoothly.

Our associate business Unimatic, offer market leading standard and bespoke dust collection units. Customers can find a full range of high performance dust extraction units on the new mobile friendly Unimatic website. This responsive design website assures a user friendly experience when browsing Unimatic products and services on pc’s, laptops or any mobile device.

Some other dust extraction units have caused huge disappointment to customers at the point of installation, as they may not fit into their allotted space. This can result in inconvenience, frustration and unnecessary expense. A versatile range means varied customer choices, and in the case of dust extraction units, one size fits all, just does not apply. There are many situations where a custom fit is the only realistic option, and Unimatic dust collection units provide excellent and reliable tailored solutions. The ability to produce units to exact specifications is enabled by their unique modular construction. These bespoke units are designed and manufactured in the UK, and have an exceptionally fast turn around of just 4 to 6 weeks.

8-Cartridge-Electronics1-300x225Unimatic dust extraction units are also available in standard specifications, allowing an even swifter solution. Accessories such as filter bags, gauges, inserts and cartridges can be found on the Unimatic website

For more information about the Unimatic range of dust extraction units call 0191 262 2882

Bespoke Dust Extraction Units, UK Manufactured, Accessories Range, Tyne & Wear

Get around Tyne and Wear in A Hire Vehicle


Self Drive Vehicle Hire, Low Rate, Low Deposit Flexible Van Hire, Newcastle, Tyne & Wear


1251461570_d4555fa37b_zTyne and Wear has so many enticing visitor attractions its hard to get around them all, so in order to save time on travelling its a good idea to hire a car or van for your outings. Fascinating museums, galleries, modern architecture, historic buildings and structures, cultural events and exciting shopping abound. You will be able to see a lot more in one or two days using a good quality hire vehicle than by jumping on and off buses and trains, not to mention all the time spent walking to and from.

If you are interested in history and architecture there are a wealth of not to be missed delights in the Tyne and Wear area, such as Tynemouth Castle which overlooks the North Sea and the River Tyne. The 2000 year old site was once one of the largest fortified areas in England and began as an Anglo Saxon settlement. A trip to this inspiring place provides an interactive experience for all the family with its informative ‘Life in the Stronghold’ exhibition. This will take you through the structure’s time as an Anglican monastery, a royal castle, artillery fort and coastal defence. Stimulating re-enactments are an extremely popular summer activity here, as four teams of knights wearing chain mail battle it out. People who have visited this attraction are usually highly impressed and rave about the spectacular views.

A great example of an area originally designed simply for its functionality, which now draws many tourists is the award winning Victoria Tunnel in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Featured in several TV programmes, the tunnel is a preserved 19th century waggonway which led under the city from the Town Moor to the River Tyne. Its purpose was to transport coal to the river from the Spital Tongues Colliery and it was used from 1842 until the 1860’s. In 1939 the tunnel became an air raid shelter utilised during World War 2. Nowadays there are guided tours which incorporate amazing sound and visual effects such as simulated wartime air raids. The tunnel is even reputed to have a resident ghost, perhaps related to an accident in 1852 which resulted in the death of a staithsman who was inspecting the tunnel.

These are just two of the must see spots around Tyne and Wear to visit in your hire van or car. Our web promotion partners Economy Hire have vans and cars specifically for local use within a 100 mile radius of Newcastle. This enables a pocket friendly hire solution including a flexible half day hire option and a low £50 deposit.

Call Economy Hire on 0191 295 5455.


Vehicle Hire in Newcastle & Tyne & Wear, Reliable, Clean & Well Maintained Vans & Cars for Local Hire


The Imminent launch of a new website promoting our excellent range of Dust Extraction Units

2015-01-29 13.36.06High Quality Standard & Bespoke Dust Collection Units, Fast Turn Around

Unicorn Sheet Metal Works Ltdare delighted to announce the imminent launch of a new website promoting our excellent range of Unimatic high performance dust collection and extraction units. We have been designing and manufacturing these quality units in the UK for many years, and can offer not only exceptional standard units, but custom made dust collectors built precisely to your specification. This versatility presents a major advantage for customers, as many other dust extraction units are difficult to install and do not fit well into the intended space. The unique, modular construction of our Unimatic dust extractor units, enable this flexibility in use.

2015-02-11 12.24.51 (1)

Expertly designed and efficiently  manufactured at our Wallsend, Newcastle Upon Tyne factory, our bespoke dust extraction units can be ready in only 4 to 6 weeks. This fast turn around is achieved by a well honed production system and compares very favourably with many other manufacturers, who quote up to 12 weeks. A quick turnaround is often valuable to our customers, who will also find a range of spare parts and accessories including cartridges, filter bags, gauges and inserts on the Unimatic website

Autus Web Design and Marketing have been awarded the contract to develop the new website, and will incorporate some of the very latest enhanced features. In addition to a tailored SEO package, the website will incorporate responsive design which is becoming the number one way to ensure that your business website is cutting edge. A Responsive Design website allows internet users viewing the web on mobile devices to have an optimal user experience. Search engine giant Google intend to downgrade websites which do not include responsive design, making its inclusion a priority. Autus has reported a very healthy take up amongst new and existing clients regarding this feature. For more information about our range of dust extraction units call 0191 262 2882

UK Manufactured Bespoke Dust Collection Units, Spare Parts & Accessories, Cartridges, Filter Bags, Gauges & Inserts

Safe, Clean & Breathable Air in the Workplace

Dust & Fume Extraction Systems Installation, LEV Testing, Consultancy, High Quality Control Collection Filters


It appears according to recent figures, that manufacturing within the UK is seeing a rise in growth, meaning good news for the local economy. Successful manufacturing depends on many things including knowledge of the market, being business savvy and having good management skills. Along with all of the other considerations, a major example of a responsible and reputable company, is one which considers its employees health and safety a priority. In most industrial settings there are stringent regulations and measures in place to protect workers. One of the most important aspects of health and safety, is air pollution within the work environment. Fumes and dust are particularly prevalent on the factory floor, and regular exposure to these hazards can carry negative consequences for the individual. Just about every type of factory or workshop, whether its within the manufacture of vehicles, household appliances or aircraft will produce some air pollution which could prove damaging to health or irritating to the body.

Wood waste dust, lead burning fumes, paint spray, weld fumes and gas appliance flue dilution are just some of the areas to be vigilant about, and factors and procedures should be in place to ensure that issues like this don’t become a problem. Of course while the prime concern is for employees health and safety, things like dust can also have a negative impact on machinery and other mechanical equipment. This may cause increased expense or even breakdown leading to production line disruption.

Our web promotion partners Newgate Air Systems Ltd are specialists in dust and fume extraction, offering an exceptionally customer focused service. They are expert consultants and can thoroughly test, assess and identify any extraction need, before recommending a bespoke solution for your factory floor, workshop or business premises. Using state of the art technology Newgate Air Systems Ltd, will design and install the ideal solution to provide clean, breathable air within the workplace. Customers are also assured that their premises will demonstrate full compliance with current Health & Safety legislation and guidance.

Newgate Air Systems Ltd, also stock a wide variety of high quality, competitively priced filters from the biggest names in the business, along with cartridges, cages, panel filters, inserts, gauges and control panels. Find out more or arrange a consultation on 0191 262 3015.

Fume & Dust Consultants, COSHH LEV Testing, Bespoke Dust & Fume Extraction Systems, Filtration Units, Filter bags

Stainless Steel – Durable, Eco-Friendly & Versatile

Stainless Steel Travel Mug, Customisable Drinks Flask, Unique Gift, Strong, Hygienic & Lightweight

AmmOMug 5 

When looking for a product that is long lasting, versatile and which has a host of other advantages, you cant do much better than one made from tough and beautiful stainless steel. Stainless steel has been used for decades in countless applications the world over, due partly to its robust, low maintenance nature and resistance to corrosion and staining. Aesthetically its good looks and sleek lustre play a major role in its popularity too, and it forms many impressive outdoor structures including modern sculptures, and contemporary architectural features. Numerous stainless steel structures continue to gleam and dramatically reflect the light years after their initial creation and placement. Stunning examples of stainless steel used in this way include the incredible Gateway Arch in St Louis, the pinnacle of the Chrysler Building in New York and the breathtaking winged sculpture which bedecks the Niagara Mohawk Power building, also in New York.

Used extensively within the military and aerospace industry, stainless steel will maintain its composition at extreme temperatures and can stand up to intense heat or freezing conditions, yet its strength to weight benefits allow a reduced construction thickness. This of course often generates cost savings for both manufacturer and consumer. With modern production techniques it can be readily cut, fabricated, machined, welded and formed into large or small appliances and equipment for a multi-purpose solution.

Stainless steel is utilised throughout hospitals, kitchens and the food processing industry, as its non porous surface and easy clean qualities, make it ideal in places where hygiene is a top priority. In a domestic setting, stainless steel continues its multifunctionality by resisting dirt, fingerprints, smudges and scuff marks. It can be cleaned and sanitized with the minimum of hassle, presenting an extremely attractive option for homes with children or pets. It does not react to foods or liquids which come into contact with it, nor does it retain flavours or encourage bacteria growth.

A significant consideration these days is the effect our daily lives have on the environment, and how we can reduce any negative impact we may create. Stainless steel is a highly eco-friendly material, and is 100% recyclable. It is also incorporated into many efforts towards a greener, more environmentally sustainable way of living, such as its use in the motor industry for catalytic converters and diesel filters.

AmmOMug 3All of these reasons of course contribute to the decision by the team at AmmOMug, to use stainless steel as the material of choice. Our high performance stainless steel travel mug is the ideal companion to take on any trip or outdoor pursuit, and will not let you down. Its lightweight, double walled construction is ideal for storing hot or cold liquids of any kind, and its user friendly, leak proof flip top cap means fast and efficient drinking access when your on the go. AmmOMug offer a unique custom design service, designing and supplying personalised AmmOMugs, providing a perfect gift for any holiday, occasion or commemoration. Our satisfied customers bith nationally and internationally, include military museums including airforce, army and marine, organisations, clubs and historical societies. Take a look at our comprehensive website, we know you will like what you see!

AmmOMug Customisation Service, Quality, Professionally Designed Decals, Range of Colours, CammOMug, Hot & Cold Drinks Flask.

Waterjet gives Unicorn the Edge in Precision Engineering

Unicorn Sheet Metal Works Ltd continue to invest in the latest technology with the acquisition of the Swiss-engineered Bystronic Byjet Classic 4022 waterjet cutting system.

With two laser cutting machines and the full complement of traditional sheet metal manufacturing techniques at our disposal, the addition of a waterjet cutting unit gives us the full complement of tools to provide the most efficient, accurate and cost effective service to our customers.

With certain metals and materials, waterjet cutting gives a level of precision not available through over metal fabrication techniques. Waterjet cutting is ideal for shinier metals – including titanium, brass, copper and stainless steel – where the reflective surface can ‘bounce’ laser cutting away from the cutting line. High pressure waterjets (of up to 3,600 bar) are supplemented with sand, garnet or other abrasives to cut through sheet metal over 100mm thick. Waterjet cutting is so finely controllable it can be used for etching glass, cutting ceramics or slicing through armour plating.

The Bystronic Byjet Classic has a bed area of 4m.x 2m to accommodate larger metal sheet. It has two cutting heads and CAD programming to improve speed and efficiency.

Unicorn use waterjet cutting to create stainless steel parts for customers in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. We manufacture lightweight but strong aluminium and titanium components to high specifications for the aerospace industry. Waterjet and abrasive jet cutting techniques assist in the manufacture of hardox and armour plated parts for defence contractors, and in the supply of brass machine parts for the offshore oil and shipping industries.

By combining waterjet cutting with our experience in traditional sheet metal fabrication techniques – MIG & TIG welding, rolling, tubing, pressing, etc – we can usually create the finished product, as well as the parts and components needed by other manufacturers.

For more information on waterjet and abrasivejet cutting visit Unicorn at

Waterjet gives Unicorn the Edge in Precision Engineering

A Fast, Precise & Cost Effective Sheet Metal Fabrication Process

High Performance Laser Cutting & Sheet Metal Fabrication Specialists, Tyne & Wear


At Unicorn Sheet Metal Works, we use high performance laser cutting technology, in an effort to deliver an exact specification, precision solution every time, whatever the application. This is why we opted for renowned TRUMPF laser cutting machines, which are market leaders in laser technology. TRUMPF, are a German family owned business who provide laser cutting equipment for a vast array of end users including manufacturers and medical establishments. Highly respected in the world of sheet metal fabrication machinery, their laser technology can perform a versatile range of functions such as, sheet metal punching, forming, laser processing and bending.

Laser cutting has revolutionised the production of metal components, and provided a highly cost effective process. Alternative, less precise, slower and more costly methods included milling, guillotining and machining. As a result of our technology and expertise, at Unicorn we complete all folding, bending and punching operations in-house, unlike most other laser cutting specialists. This allows us to give a high performance service and increased customer satisfaction.

Established for over 30 years, when it comes to sheet metal fabrication processing, you will have to go a long way to beat Unicorn Sheet Metal Works. We offer mig and tig welding of a range of metals including stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium. We have a 120 tonne Press Brake machine which can fold tube up to 3m x 6mm plate. Experts at engineering sheet metal fabrication for merchant and Royal Navy ships, aviation, automotive and oil rigs Unicorn are experienced with techniques involved in pipework, bracketing, insulation and ventilation ductwork for applications.

We are British Standard Coded Welders with a superior knowledge of automotive and offshore standard welding, and a number of successful projects under our belt.

For enquiries or advice on any aspect of laser cutting any metal please call 0191 262 2882.

Services Offered Include In-House Metal Bending, Folding, Punching and Fabrication of Wide Variety of Metals

Advanced Laser Technology Cuts Time & Cost for many Industries

Engineering Fabrications in Steel, Aluminium or other Metals. Bending, Folding & Laser Cutting.



Scientists in the UK will receive a £10m Czech contract enabling them to develop innovative laser technologies, which will benefit business and science. The HiLASE contract was awarded to the Central Laser Facility [CLF], based at the Science and Technology Facilities Council’s Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. Advanced technologies play a major part in assisting the economic recovery of a country, in addition to building long term international relationships and allowing many advantages and opportunities for science and business in the UK.

HiLASE, is a new project under construction near Prague costing £30m, and its aim is to produce advanced laser technologies that will break the mould in power, stability and efficiency. They will also prove much easier to maintain than the present European laser system technologies. Many industries are expected to gain from these new applications.

David Willetts, Minister for Universities and Science stated “The £10 million contract will provide the HiLASE project with the very best of British technology. It is further proof that investment in science is vital to growth and international collaboration. It is also recognition of the UK’s world-class research base, with particular strengths in laser science at the leading edge Rutherford Appleton Laboratory.”

DiPOLE – or Diode Pumped Optical Laser for Experiments is the CLF technology chosen by the HiLASE project. This has been developed by the CLF’s Centre for Advanced Laser Technology and Applications (CALTA), based at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in Oxfordshire.


Unicorn are high precision, sheet metal laser cutting and fabrication specialists, and services offered by us include, automotive engine fan assemblies, Complete automotive engine fan assemblies, seating clips and feet and engine carrier and components. Parts for armour plated vehicles, aluminium vents for shipping, track components for heavy plant, transport stillage components, tool making components, carpet weaving machinery parts and signs and lettering for retail application etc make up a significant proportion of services we offer.

Read about some of our successful projects involving processes within marine engineering, automotive and offshore welding, ductwork, platforms and acoustic units.

Lasers are far superior to other production means, and are also much more inexpensive, reducing most costs by about 50%. To contact us at Unicorn Sheet Metal Works call 0191 262 2882

Mig or Tig Welding. Marine, Offshore & Automotive Standard Welding. Ducting, Vehicle Engine & Track Components.



Wallsend, North Tyneside – Industrial Units & Workshops to Let

Unicorn Sheet Metal Ltd hope to welcome new neighbours to our home in in the North East.

A recent post on the partner pages of by Marine Buildings Ltd promotes 6 newly refurbished industrial units and workshops to let in Willington Quay, Wallsend. Ranging from 2,000 square feet to almost 12,000 square feet all the new workshops and industrial units come complete with electric roller shutter doors, non slip tiles, mezzanine office / storage space, phase 3 electricity & gas, secure palisade fencing, toilets, generous parking and CCTV. With low rents and flexible rental agreements available, Marine Buildings in Wallsend offer a tremendous opportunity to new and developing businesses in the North East.

From the Unicorn perspective, with clients all over the UK, one of the great things about Wallsend is its excellent location. Wallsend is in the heart of the Tyne & Wear metropolis, beautifully situated between Newcastle, Whitley Bay, North Shields and Tynemouth, with Gateshead, Jarrow and South Shields just across the river and down the road from Sunderland. Willington Quay is less than a mile from the Tyne Tunnel giving excellent access to South Tyneside, Wearside, the A19, A1(M) and all roads north and south. We are situated on the Tyne & Wear metro system and a short few miles to the national rail network at Newcastle. With freight and ferry terminals on our doorstep and Newcastle International Airport within easy reach, Marine Buildings are the perfect location for any business.

For more information on the industrial units and workshops to let, and the business development opportunities at Marine Buildings, Wallsend, check out the Marine Buildings website at or give them a call on 07762 434 234 to arrange a visit.

Industrial Units & Workshops to Let – Wallsend, Nr Newcastle