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4 Cartridge Electronics(1)There can be no doubt as to the importance of dust extraction, especially within the industrial sector. Dust extraction is a crucial requirement within most industries to ensure health, safety and optimum performance. A safe and comfortable working environment is the result of aspects such as clean, breathable air. From the employers point of view too, a high quality dust extraction system demonstrates a responsible commitment to employees. There is also of course the fact that these systems prolong the life of any machinery or equipment and keep it running smoothly.

Our associate business Unimatic, offer market leading standard and bespoke dust collection units. Customers can find a full range of high performance dust extraction units on the new mobile friendly Unimatic website. This responsive design website assures a user friendly experience when browsing Unimatic products and services on pc’s, laptops or any mobile device.

Some other dust extraction units have caused huge disappointment to customers at the point of installation, as they may not fit into their allotted space. This can result in inconvenience, frustration and unnecessary expense. A versatile range means varied customer choices, and in the case of dust extraction units, one size fits all, just does not apply. There are many situations where a custom fit is the only realistic option, and Unimatic dust collection units provide excellent and reliable tailored solutions. The ability to produce units to exact specifications is enabled by their unique modular construction. These bespoke units are designed and manufactured in the UK, and have an exceptionally fast turn around of just 4 to 6 weeks.

8-Cartridge-Electronics1-300x225Unimatic dust extraction units are also available in standard specifications, allowing an even swifter solution. Accessories such as filter bags, gauges, inserts and cartridges can be found on the Unimatic website

For more information about the Unimatic range of dust extraction units callĀ 0191 262 2882

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