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High Precision Sheet Metal Laser Cutting & Waterjetting

Laser cut costs of high precision components by half!
In many of the above applications, the decision has been made to switch from some other method of production to laser cutting.

The benefits of laser cutting are more accurate, tighter tolerance components at a fraction of the price.

It is quite common for us to be able to show our customer a 50% reduction in the cost of producing the component – this being before the reduced scrap rate is considered. Further savings then result from the easier processing of these consistently tight tolerance components.

Laser cutting reduces lead timesLaser Cut Quality
A significant factor in the cost reduction achievable by laser cutting is the rapid production time - this means that we are able to reduce our lead times to you. The longer the production run the greater the effective lead time reduction.
And to improve the service to clients within 150 miles of Newcastle, we have our own transport, enabling us to react to emergency situations.

Laser Cut Metals
We laser cut mild steel from 275 to 50D grade. We also laser cut hardox, stainless steel and aluminium.

In our extensive metal stockholding we carry literally hundreds of sizes and grades of different steels for laser cutting.

Waterjet Cutting Efficiency

Unicorn can now also offer you waterjet cutting. This high precision, high speed, high efficiency metal cutting process can be a lower cost option to laser cutting. Please see Waterjet Cutting page or call us to discuss your application.

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Laser Cut Components, Waterjet Cost Reduction. Laser Cutting Enables Greater Accuracy in Component Production. Faster Laser Cut Production, Faster Turnaround, Shorter Lead Times, Less Scrappage, Lower Cost.

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